I’ve been forced/allowed to slow down the past 2 weeks due to a snipsnip on my foot, and I have to admit, it scared me. I was worried how I’d manage to not do the things that usually keep me sane…work, ocean, working out, walks, not having to ask for help for everyday things. I decided to change my perception of it all, not seeing this time out as something I am forced to do. I decided to embrace it, be grateful to have time to do things I normally never have time to get done, give my body a well deserved and long over due physical rest, get in touch with the thoughts and emotions I never had time to feel and acknowledge, create silence and space for new things to come to my awareness.

Now that the time has come to he ready to return to reality, I am making stock of what I’ve learned. The list is endless but sharing a few of the most precious ones here…I’ve been reminded how much I love to read outside, feel a breeze in my hair and sun on my face. Get lost in thoughts and stories by people I don’t know but now wish I did. Leisurely mornings and letting the day take me where it wants to take me. Realising how many beautiful friends I’ve made these past 3 years and I never understood it it, people who reach out and care, just because. How much love I have in my life. How comfortable I am in my own company and in my own skin after struggling so many years with it all. So many years spent distracting myself from myself. 📷📷

Reminded that what ever life puts in front of us is there for a reason, we just need to figure out what that reason is, say thank you, I needed this. Be grateful for it all, not just the things we thought we needed or wanted, grateful for all of it. I will try to take some of these things with me even when life will get busy again. Take those small moments that make me return to me, give me clarity and peace. Just because. Prioritise and drop things that don’t really matter or make my life better. Life is too short yo use time for things that are meaningless in our growth. Remember to love myself and people around me, say it and show it more, just because. 📷📷

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